Boat Storage

We have an outdoor area of about 500 square meters which can be used both for maintenance and storing and a brand new warehouse that allows us to moor your boats with your great care in a covered area.

These, before being set aside, will be washed thoroughly and all facilities will be chemically treated. The engines will be wiintered with fresh water, the cooling system filled with antifreeze and all the mechanical parts carefully lubricated.
An inventory with all the equipment on board will be layed out, to verify the various deadlines. Various salts dehumidifiers will be placed inside the hull will be placed and will be replaced when they run out. The batteries will be removed and placed in an appropriate area and kept under maintenance tension.
The boats will eventually be covered with a nylon coverage and left fallow.</ p>

The open area outside of 500 meters can be used both for maintenance and for storage.</ p>